1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia

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Force myself to wake up early in the morning as to prepare for this event - 1Student 1Sport 1Malaysia Run. According to bernama, this event was launched simultaneously nationwide last Saturday, the run registered a participation of 4.1 million students from 9,980 schools for a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) under the category of the largest participation of school students in a run. I am quite happy to be covering this event after not shooting for quite some time.

The Run!

Listening to speech

At assembly ground

Officiating the event

That the principal of the school second from right

Some boy jz cant wait to run!

Off we go!!!

While the 1st batch went.. some doing little bit stretching

I think he is dancing along his music.. LOL

This guy even have time to pose for the cam.. haha

Videoman joining the run



The medals for the winners

My fellow photographer

Some candid moments i shoot when the event about to end...

I am glad the event went well and smoothly apart from some falls which i witnessed but it was jz very minor one.. that was a very meaningful saturday morning for me and im glad to be a part of it:) Thank for reading..


Lindy said...

Nice pics. Love it. :)

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