holiday... christmas

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Hey readers, i'm back again... this is some late post from last week (final week of Ausmat). it was fun and memorable with all my frens. I enjoyed Ausmat and not forgetting with the bunch of crazy friends tat i met.

Earlier afternoon went to watch Ip Man. Nice movie i shall say which i recommend to all Kung Fu lovers. Especially Wing Chun fans. Wing Chun is a art of Kung Fu and was practice by Bruce Lee for those who dono... hehe.

The photos below are taken from 1Utama last week with my trustable Sony K770i handphone:)

hope all enjoy the photos.

Tomorrow- swimming
Saturday & Sunday - PD trip with friends:)

Panorama Photo
picture stitched wit the built in software in my hp...

next next...

check out our Mr Wei Lai

decoration for fun... lol

1 Utama.... shopping spree!!! haha

Leonard the Driver

very jam... parking all full... it was around 1pm

is this wallet nice??

Fossil Brand

NOT mine... symone wants to buy it... hehe

check out the crowd looking at the performance below