Seremban Famous Beef Noodle

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Firstly, for those who haven't tasted Seremban Famous Beef Noodle should really have a try!!! It is really nice.... em... except for those ANTI-beef....

If not mistaken, the business is a long time family business which started long ago. Now it is operated by the 3rd generation family members. I bet you people have watched Ho-Chak eating show which is aired on 8TV.... it got featured!!! very delicious indeed...

It have a few stores in Seremban. The main store is at Seremban Old Market at town area... the branches are located at Kemayan Square... Town area... ops... i not sure wat street... and another at lobak food court if not mistaken:) dont quote me!!! so play safe... go market and find for the stall No.748.

Beef noodle is unique in seremban and i wonder are there anywhere else selling beef noodle?? well... Seremban Siew Bao is often 'associated' wit Seremban. Now... why not give beef noodle a try?

sounds like i'm doing promotion here... lol (ps: seremban beef noodle operator, pay me!!!!)


beef noodle wit barlie... simple and simply NICE!!!

this is the dry version... there is wet/soup version

spot this stall!!!

Ping-Pong competition pictures up next!!! stay tuned for more pic!!!