Working with Kids

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Overall, this is a good experience for me to work part time at event. The event is Enfa A+ Smart Camp. To summaries everything this smart camp= Money Making Event. Very good marketing strategy to promote their products with games and freebies. Well, i guess all event makes $$$
I'm not going to talk much about it as this is one week old stuff... LOL... I forget ady!

Me with Enfa Mascot (owl)

1st Quest/1st Game

That is Joseph in blue shirt daydreaming... lol

Quest 3

Quest 4 and 5

Basically... once the kids have done with all 5 quest... There are free gifts for them...

Red Counter=Enfa Mama Club Counter

The kids really enjoy the game i think

The Main Entrance

At Quest 2 with is the place that i in charge of...

Before we proceed to more pictures....
I'm feeling hungry...
So is Food picture time!

The foods below are some which i had when working at pyramid.

Nasi Lemak @ Ming Tin RM2
This tasted good.... i ate this after ordering RM5 Wat Tan Ho...
yes... I'm a big eater!

RM5.50 Fried Chicken Rice... Love the chicken and egg...
Wish there is more rice den it will be prefect meal to me

Curry Yee Mee at Jusco Food Court... RM5...
Tasted okok... too salty i guess...

Back to Enfa Event Thingy....

Joking around

5 of us which is in charge of Quest 2:
Mission Protective Guard

Self portrait...

Another event held at pyramid tat day....

Enfa Owl.. Do u wan some enfa milk? LOL

Johnson... Susan the supervisor... Me

With the girls....

Last Day of work...

and joseph even went mamak with chili padi!
OMG....(inside joke)

That all for today:)
Thanks for reading... and any part time job available pls tell me!
I wan more $$$$$

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