Helo to my Primus Versions 1.1 Blog Template

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After 1 week of lazying around... I finally made my decision to hunt for new template and this is wat i found and done! There are still minor changes to be made and i hope u guys love the new template without the 'READ MORE' feature. Haha:)

Primus Versions 1.1



'Read more' feature is gone for gd:)

And this is the old old template.

Since i started this blog last year... i have been changing blog template for so many times and i thik i lost count how many template tat i have changed. LOL

Staying at home is so so boring... anyone out there with any plan?

p/s: Leave ur comment abt my new template and how can i further improve it. Thanks
p/p/s: Talyor Sam 2009 Prom Night Post Up Next. Stay Tuned!