Pc Fair Seremban @ Terminal 1

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Hi all, this post is schedule post tat i type the day before, when this post is up... probably i will be working my ass like mad... LOL

To those who are at seremban, come over and support me! I am selling all kinds of computer stuff!

My badge

tones and tones of speaker!

i think in total there is 7 or 8 lorry of stuff! madness

give me a break

selling lots and lots of audio stuff... mainly Sonic Gear!

I'm tired now, kinda dizzy... sleeping soon... Nites all!
Wish me luck in my sale! :$


Murugesh Rao said...

Hi Jeffry!! Still remember me ah?? haha.. How are you man?? You selling all those stuff at terminal 1? I got time I come and visit you ok? hehe.. Take care!!

Jeff Khoo said...

Hi Murugesh! Glad to hear from u... I'm fine, hope u doing well too:)
I'm not at terminal but at kemayan! do come visit me ya... hehe
Take care