Taylor's SAM 2009 Prom Night @ Sunway Hotel Ballroom

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After changing my blog template, i guess my blogging mood is back and this is finally one proper blog post after some time. Maybe with a proper camera(special thanks to joseph) i will be blog more. I'm setting my eyes on Nikon D90 or maybe Canon 450D or 500D. Just the matter or time and money. These toys is whooping 3k and above. Who wanna sponsor me?? Haha

I have to admit that my photography skills is bit rusty after some time. Some photos that i snap is really sucks until i curse myself... LOL...

Picture are snapped with Canon 1000D kit and 50mm 1.8 lens + Nissin flashgun.

Sunway Hotel Lobby (christmas is near!)

Me and Her

The Leng Luis

Li Ying

Wei Xin

Ah Moo

Wan Yi

Smile girls:)

Johnson the handsome

Ken with the girls

apple and longbean?

Bryan look gd with his matching tie and coat

Bryan and Moo

Who is the best dress tat night?

White, Yellow, Purple, Black, Green, White, Green, B&W, Black??

Who is the best dress??


Wan Yi and Moo

Dont they look like couple? LOL

Again, The 4 Housemate

Best Prom King and Prom Queen... Who?


check out the photographers with thier flashgun.. LOL

Photo Name: Expression


I wonder wat is Ken thinking? is he say tat he is not the prom king?


Li Ying and Ken

The Venue

Johnson and Moo

Group Photo

picture snapped by johnson... haha

Now u see me... now u dont

Last but not least,

Wan Yi & Me

Clubbing session after that at MOS.. Freaking packed that day!
Hope everyone enjoy that night and thanks to Johnson too for accompany me.
Leave ur comment too. Thanks for reading

p/s: Email me or MSN me if u want the photo of you without my imprint.


kenwooi said...

nice pictures!
reminds me of my uni's ball too =D


Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks Ken:)