Photography here i come!!!

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One of the 1st few shots of my 450D... I think this camera just suit me well! Mastered all the buttons easily and very user friendly!

Special Thanks to my dad sponsoring me!! Hoho... my best Xmas Present Ever!

My Sis at Mines

Alvin & Chipmunks at Mines

Louis Pang's Style (Kononnya - I need more practice!)

Another Shot of my bro using the available lighting

Another shot of my sis! My best model! haha... cute and charming.. lol

Oh ya, I'm looking forward for a model photo shooting session with pros photographers in coming days! So so excited! Hope i can learn something there and u guys please do comment on my photo taken! Be as harsh as u like! I will be very grateful to u:)

50mm lens and external flash unit is on my shopping list! Yeha!


Jason said... coming cousin brought a 450D for me......wakakaka

Jeff Khoo said...

Lol... gdgd!! go buy!
den lets go shooting together:)