2nd Day Of CNY

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Suppose to update this yesterday but was too tired after a whole day of visiting... so meaning day 3 post will be up by tomorrow hopefully.

During CNY, it is also one if the tradition to pray to our ancestors as a sign of respect and in remembrance of them. Took some pictures of my uncle praying to my late grandma and grandpa.

The offerings

Firecrackers in GIF file

Who is this boy?

My cousin sister

One of the great things besides receiving angpows during CNY is the food!
The food is really my favorite and i wan to emphasis here - home cook food is the BEST!
And i hate going to restaurant during festive season due to the fact that the food is always not up to par no matter is few hundred or few thousand per table.

Awesome Prawn

Tasty Soup

Yummy Fish

Hainan Chicken

Expensive Abalone

Dono wat dish - cause i didnt touch tat dish LOL

Pretty Girls

Feeling hungry? Go eat some thing to chew!!! I mean NOW!
Stay tune for Day 3 post cause i will be posing some portrait of the girls and meeting up with my 100 year old Great-grandma.

p/s: When is our House to House Visiting Convoy guys?


kenwooi said...

my 2nd day.. visited relatives =)


Jeff Khoo said...

LOL... me 1st 2nd and 3rd day also visit relative... but 4th day stuck at home replying to ur comment now... :(

Baby said...

home cooked food is always the best. 1st and 2nd day house visiting. 3rd day dinner at my place. 4th day at home. 5th day dono as i'm replying your post while munching papadam

Jeff Khoo said...

Hi Baby,

Totally agree with u... My CNY is somehow similar to ur too... 1 till 3 day is visiting den 4th day people visit me... den 5th day is going for some shopping:) enjoy ur remaining 10days of CNY!!