myDumpling Festival

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Helo people, is me again with food post. Very obvious in my blog title as above.
Just a quick one as i have to continue with my study for finals ya. Not going to write much as usual. Before i forget, I would like to wish every one a very nice Dumpling Festival!
If u have no idea wat is Dumpling Festival.. have a look at this link

As my mum was doing the wraping jz now... i took some shots and here they are:

The Ingredient

Lotus Leaf

Mushroom and Pork in background


Glutinous rice

Some steps as i see how my mum wrap it

This is the end result before steaming it, the rice will expands after the steaming process of 3 hours. I swear i cant wait for tat 3hours... haha

Finally u eat it of course and while typing this out i jz ate 2 of those and the feeling is jz so so good especially with my mum food!

That all for day guys! Hope u enjoy the short post:)


Darren Low said...'re me this just when i am about to sleep...=.=''


looks yummo. but i don't eat pork. can use other types of meat?