food... movie... ping pong... RANDOM

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i suppose to upload this yesterday but was quite lazy to go online... so i shall talk a bit abt me this two days.

9/07/08 - Early morning i have driving lesson ( yes yes yes, DON'T LAUGH!!! I HAVEN GET MY DRIVING LESSON.) how early was tat?? is 7am morning... i was so sleepy the whole lesson... so so boring... cause it was quite jam in the morning. den den... reach home den take breakfast lo... den went nap again... TIrED Mah!! around 11 like tat den reach jusco for movie and lepak there... before tat, i went makan at sushi king... de food was quite okay la... as u all know:)

looks nice^^

macro shot wit my handphone

check out the price... UP UP^

jz snap for fun:l LamE laME@@

so empty... jz some workers doing promotion

after some food and some walking_ so-called-LEPAK.... of course time to enter the movie hall...
em... comment about the movie??? i think de show still ok ok la although some scene quite 'fake' and too violent...

there u go... the promotion poster "WANTED 2008"

END FOR 9/07/08

10/07/08- nothing much actually... i went back to my primary school and secondary school... primary school is to bring my sister back from school and secondary because i wan to visit my teacher and for some ping pong as my bro and juniors ask me to join them...*smiles*


my primary school

me wearing slippers playing ping-pong...haha

END FOR 10/07/08