Jeff is BACK!!!

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Hi everyone:) it have been one week since my last posting... last week was really i bz week for me as my AUSMAT EE2 was very tough and challenging!!!

Finally i can relax for one week back at my home..haha... miss home so such!!!

in this post i shall include some pic taken from my new SE K770i wit 3.2mp cybershot camera

pic taken at 4th floor in front of seminar room

sunway lagoon

took this pic of leonard while revising for APP Math EE2

wow!!! cool face wit cool lighting...haha

badminton court@apartment ... my usual hangout place

who is tat sleeping??? anyone can guess who is he??haha

when studying for econ ee2... i took this (AUSTRALIA'S TRADE OBJECTIVES)

Friday- on my way back from college (pic near pasar seni)

Friday- reach Terminal 1 at 4 and meet up wit my fren..
is she pretty?? haha.. leave ur comment... TQ

Saturday- Check out new samsung i550 wit Wifi, 3mp camera, GPS and Symbian OS
RM1300 FMG... anyone??