my weekend...

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Saturday morning woke up quite late... well i guess everyone wakes up late during weekend rite??? haha... so tat morning... eventually i forget what i did... NEXT!!!

around 1 something, i head to jusco near my house to meet up wit my fren joey with his new cool gaming laptop!!! i waited his for a while cause his house is far from jusco while i walk around... checking handphone... games... u name it (all gADgetS)...

soon he arive and v went to starbulks for some nice yummy drinks- expensive drinks actually... and some nice chat after few weeks not meet up wit each other. PS: he is my best fren k...

feeling kinda of lazy to type actually... so let's let the pic do the talking

checking out my blog wit his nice laptop

starbulks in the background

nice multimedia pad

Sunday morning wake up by my dad again... den ate breakfast.. oh ya.. after noon my family went to IKEA damansara... it was like... so crowded... my parent wan to get some furniture for my new house... and i did some camewhore wit my bro because it was boring looking at the furniture..haha

my bro... look like me??

my sis wan tat light!!! haha

ikea is so huge!!!

different type of curtains

i love the piece of art my bro pose wit:)

and some MACRO pic...

can u see me in the reflection??

v left around 5..... and bought home 3chairs... cheap also, so i think tats all for my weekend... jz a very simple one... AND i'm still new to blogging... so DONT quote me k:)


dear... when u wan to go out?? 2molo can?? miss u oh....hehe