back back... updated finally

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hello guys.... i'm blogging from ssd now.... after so long never update my blog because there i no internet connection at my condo at kl...

applying for stupid TM NET and it takes them decades for them to come and install the stupid modem unlike P1 W1max which can active the connection in 1 hour time and same goes to maxis broadband. too bad i cant apply for P1 W1max due to the fact that the courage signal at my place is kinda of unstable. but sometimes using thunder to download movie... the speed can go up to 100kbps with 1.2mb plan!!! unlike streamyx that can only reach abt 50kbps.

my fren who is in the courage can download wit 200kbps wit constant speed!!! freaking fast to me in Malaysia...

lol... till den... i have assignment due in 1hour time... will be back wit more pictures!!!