outing wit sohem frens

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yeap... this is the 2 sohem frens.... give a guess who they are....

tada.... left is ian... right is sohem king KEH BIN some say dustbin

kah seng aka tommy the president is always hoked on to his 3K HTC

can u see who is tat fello taking pictures??

well well... taking abt food/desert.... tommy introduce us to snowflakes
the shop is on the 1st floor located next to Asia Cafe at Subang SS15.

3 big bowl.... tat wai kean say he on 'diet'

wai kean waikean.... u miss out the fun la!!!

but in the end i kesian him.... so i share my portion wit him...

this is the view from the shop...
Asia Cafe in front and Inti Subang a stone throw away!!!

stupid ian block my pic!!!

note: to Ian
this picture is for u....
i think u know why.....

Thats all people... going swimming now...
next post abt a famous fishball noodle at Taipan.
hehe... thank you for reading:)