Short update abt my university life

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Wanted to upload more picture to make this post lengthy but failed because of the slow slow snail TMNET streamyx line for being stupid at nights.

Well, university was okay today except for some jams at Summit USJ 1 which is infamous for it jam and some say is the 'traffic-death-zone'. I have napped some pictures of the condition of the jam and will be uploading tomorrow if the line is stable.

Quite happy cause i managed to get my ping pong bat at last after not having it for the pass 2 weeks!!! I'm going to change the rubber of my bat tomorrow for competition use on saturday and sunday... hehe... wat rubber to change???

anyway... picture of kean at noodle house...

one of the best Wantan Mee i have ever tasted!!

after noodle house session... we walked to A&W which is located beside noodle house for some root beer! i ordered the large root beer and was super full after drinking finish the whole thing.

Picture title: empty glass

the enviroment at A&W

Last but not least.

Munthif the king of dumb!

p/s: Munthif can beat u easily at ping pong even he is black in skin colour. Dont judge a person by face... He was/is the national player for Maldives... Geng? NOT....