Believe in Miracle

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Well, sometimes things jz happen without any signal or warning.

Lost and Found

Yesterday as usual, took the college shutter bus to college but miss the 10'oclock bus when i came out from the lift and walking toward the bus. Run/walk in fast pace earlier but still the bus is gone. Luckily there is another bus after 10 so i waited patiently for another 15muntues before the bus decide to leave my condo. Felt happy cause I'm the ONE-AND-ONLY in the bus.

On the way there, the bus supervisor(old woman) keep telling me this and that. I tried to ignore her and continuing eating my bread as my breakfast. That supervisor keep say student must be be careful cause there are some cases involving student left their belongings in the bus and blamed the bus drivers as the thieve. Oh well....

Once i reach college... the moment i step down the bus... I touch my pocket...AND And realise my wallet is not with me!!! I quickly check my bag but no sign of wallet and i proceed to stop the leaving bus!! The bus stopped and i went up to check did i left it there... but still non... the bus left.

I spent the next 2minutes thinking wat to do. Where is my wallet....

I tried to take the cab back and told the texi driver tat i will pay him back next time.
I tell u... Sunway cab drivers are PURE Blood SUCKER!!! That driver charge me RM15 from my college to my condo... WTH!!

WTF!!! using meter will onli cost abt RM4... note the diffrent with RM15... no way!
Call a few fren thinking they can fetch me back to my condo. I called the guard house at my condo to check anyone found a wallet. Answer is no!

In the end, Kaa Seng came to fetch me back to my condo to check wheather i left it at my house. Anyway, thank for the ride ya...
Reached my condo, run to guard house and ask the guard for missing wallet... they say dont have and went back to my unit and check. Search my unit high and low... Non sign of my wallet...
Sigh, took and bank book and decided to go make police report and i informe my dad abt it.
Took the lift back down and the guard is at the lift area. He looked at me... i look at him...
Somehow there is a feeling tat he is trying to tell me something...

Me: "ada jumpa? dompet."
guard: "ADA"

i was like going cookoo!! so so freaking excited... walk to the guard house and he gave me my wallet... OMG... THANK god!!!

Conculsion: Do NOT put important stuff into loose or sucky pocket!

A lesson to me,
A roller coster day,
Thank god i found it,
Belive in Miracle,
and DONT be a careless person.


BizPower Knowledge said...

Many values are found in your story. However the subject of the story is not something special but the narrative way take me to feel what you really felt at that moment.

I don't know what is the course you're doing in college. If it's not something about the literature or language you must be a person who is talented in narrative writing.

Do keep write more and I'll never miss yours.

Good Luck.

Jeff Khoo said...

Hi there BizPower Knowledge. Thank you very much for ur compliment. I am really surprise that someone that actually praise my writing style. In fact, after reading ur comment... I was like kinda of couldn't believe and went to re-read the this post again. And there where kinda of many mistake such as spelling mistake etc.

Anyway, thank you very much for ur encouragement and i promise to write more in future.

I'm currently taking my business degree and totally nothing to do with language subject nor do i read story books... haha

One again, Thank for reading my blog:)