Flashlight Photography

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I wonder u guys heard of this type of photography technique? I read about it at a magazine quite long ago and decided to have it a try yesterday in my room with the lights off. Is kinda of fun but require a lot of try an error before u will be getting better results.

Image information :
Camera Model - Canon IXUS 980IS
F-stop - f8
Shutter Speed - 15 Seconds
ISO - 80

I still new to this and think is kinda of fun doing it... The picture shows 'Jeffery' jz in case u cant get it.

Technique is putting the shutter to longer exposure and use a flash light or any light source (in this case i using my handphone flash) and when the camera start shooting. All u need to do is use the flash light and draw/write wat u wan... Anything will do... shape or anything.

In case u dono wat i saying here, jz google "Flashlight Photography" to understand the technique more.

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~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

haha yeah! did it b4. my friends and i tried it in a club :) we used a tiny flashlight

Jeff Khoo said...

Helo there, I'm quite surprise that u came to my blog and read. I'm read ur blog quite frequent and i totally didnt expect a famous blogger will come and read my blog and comment... Anyway thank ya... ur photos are jz way way better den mine... hehe

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

LOL nahhh it's nothing dude, no worries. ANYONE and EVERYONE black white famous non-famous fat thin ugly short tall can read any blog and drop comments right? and that includes me too :)

Cheers & keep it up

goingkookies said...

hey. pretty impressive pic..

and the fact that u didn't use a SLR but a normal compact...

inspired me somewhat to try out my newly bought ixus 100is!!

Jeff Khoo said...

Haha, very true what u have said Jessica. But I'm like kinda excited that a famous blogger which i have been reading (this case ur blog) have actually came and comment at my blog for the 1ST!!! FIRST time... LOL

Hope to meet u at one of blogger event in future... Hope i get invited... HAHA

Jeff Khoo said...

Hi goingkookies, Thanks for ur comment ya. Hehe

Canon IXUS is not a DSLR but it have fully manual mode that allow u to do watever u wan jz like a DSLR. Maybe not tat impresive compared to DSLR.

If i'm not mistaken... IXUS 100IS do not have fully manual mode and wat u can do is use night mode i guess... I'm not very sure abt this..

Anyway good luck to u:)

p/s: if u managed to do it on ur 100IS den teach me how ya... TQ

mknace said...


Jeff Khoo said...

Thank You mknace:)
Visited ur blog... nice photo over there also:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. First time I heard of this.


Jeff Khoo said...

Helo Bakhtiar:)

Thanks for ur comment ya.
U can try it at home:) is fun!! believe me!