1st Day of New Year!

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Helo 2010, It have been a gd day to start with except with some minor thingy. I shall be thinking positively:) hehe...

Woke up around at 7 to catch the sunrise and this is wat is snap from my room view:)

My 1st HDR using my Canon 450d! Hope it is okay:)

Had a small gathering with Mr Lee Cheow Lim and is was great seeing and meeting up with the gang... too bad some cant join including Mr Lee Yong Meng. Maybe next time... and no more StationOne... The food variety there sucks big time!

Xue Ying Smiling Happily

Mr Lee testing her brand new Nikon D3000.

Navin and Dhevin

Xmas Tree!!!

Too bad v forgot to snap group photo again despite 3 DSLR there! LOL

Sifu Lionel teaching them how to snap well..

Xue Ying, lets go shooting one day!

Ok, that all for today! I cant wait for more photography session!


Anonymous said...

Awww I want a DSLR too but I'm scared that I might lose interest in photography after dumping a few k on it..=S

Jeff Khoo said...

lol. Dont need few k la... There are always cheaper option avaliable..
2nd hand are cheaper and it is good start from there since u not sure abt ur interest in photography.

Take ur time to decide and hope to hear from u soon:)