Meeting up with old pals

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Was glad that 4 of us finally meet up and have some chat... although it was merely 2hours... It was really great and v have already planning our next meet up.


From left: De Cheng, Joey, Kelvin

My Drink... Kopitiam White Coffee


De Cheng

Oh ya... another point to note is tat it is very hard to get a decent shot of joey cause he keep talk and talk with action.. LOL

Yam Cha

A shot of Kelvin's Watch to end the post...

Do comment or criticize ya. Thanks for reading:)


Tiffany said...

i like the way the light bulbs shows up in the background

Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks Tiffany... i love tat too:)

Arnan Koh said...

what did Joey do to his hair!!!

Jeff Khoo said...

lol... style his hair to look more handsome? haha... perhaps u should meet up with him and ask:)