Full Moon 300110

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Snapped this picture minutes ago with my 450D with kit lens at 55mm. Cropped it a bit to make the moon bigger. I wished i have a telephoto lens! So far i did not see the red thingy claimed by National Geographic but i think i did see it 2days ago when i was snapping sunset. It was around 6something and i can see the moon too.

Have u snapped the moon? Don't miss ur chance!


The biggest full moon of 2010 will rise in the east tonight, and it'll appear with a bright sidekick: Mars will cozy up just to the left of the supersize moon.

January's full moon is also called the wolf moon, according to Native American tradition associating this month's full moon with wolves howling in the cold midwinter. (Take a moon myths and mysteries quiz.)

The 2010 wolf moon will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than any other full moon this year, because our cosmic neighbor will actually be closer to Earth than usual.

Source from National Geographic



55mm is not enough for the full moon... sigh... this happens to me too since I only have a kit lens (18-55mm).

Jeff Khoo said...

Yupp Ihsan, i agree with u very much... at least with 200mm lens... oh well, have to bare with it! Thanks for ur visit:)