Photo of the Day - Sunset and Bird

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Shoot this one week ago at my housing area. One of the house owner saw me and asked me " are u shooting the birds?" lol... and he even say the birds have a flying pattern every morning and evening. My 1st time shooting in raw and raw + burst mode totally took up my camera buffer.

And i like this the most.... Me snapping with Canon 1D MarkIII with EF 17mm-40mm L lens and 580exII... hoho... imba equipment - this whole set cost up to 20k!!! Was shooting at event at KL 1 Utama anyway... The feeling of using it really cool + 'orgasmic' , i wish i own it thou:(

oh well, bday was yesterday and i got myself a present... lol... pricy thou but nevertheless best bday present for me i guess. Got to sleep early tonight cause need wake up early for event shooting tomorrow! Wat cam to bring? Mark3 or 450d? haha...
Enjoy ur weekend people:)


kenwooi said...

the sunset picture is really nice =)

Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks for ur compliment kenwooi:)