Lomography at Seremban Town

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Oh well, Seremban town have quite a number of old shoplots. I like this picture particularly because it shows the contrast of modern(facelift) building and two abandon building. Shoot using a normal DSLR but converted to lomography feel photo using photoshop. Yea.. cheapskate method! If i have extra money... will get one Lomo cam! hoho....

Leave ur comment ya. Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend folks:)


Jan said...

First to comment!

Nice! Although I wish the vignette effect could be much stronger.

Jeff Khoo said...

LOL. Thanks for ur comment Jan. Will put more vignette effect on my next photo! Until i get a real Lomo... haha. Thank u very much on ur input!

p/s: U have nice lomo pic at ur blog too! Nice

Jan said...

You're welcome and thank you!:D

Basically I just play around with a few things to get the lomo effect like, colour balance, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, curves and occasionally add textures, lol.

Anyway there's this online shop that sells lomo and holga cameras.

Its in SG tho.

Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks Jan. Will try ur tips next round with my pictures!
Will have a look at the SG page but wont be getting one soon... need funds to upgrade my DSLR... LOL

Have a nice weekend ya! enjoy

zzkang said...

convert digital image to lomo image not really cheapskate...at least ur dslr is more expensive than lomo camera... :D

Nice pic!!

currently im doing a project of 'cheapskate' lomo at http://1lomoad.blogspot.com

pls take a look n CnCs too... :D