Full Post - SMKBM Cross Country 2010

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Have been busy with CNY preparation and thus delaying this post. Woke up early in the morning at 5plus to tag along with my bro to school is not fun! Oh well, some pro photographer like Joe McNally woke up at 3 despite different time zone and long haul flight and tat reallt shows the spirit of a true photographer. Ok, let give the photo do the talking....

Single exposed straight from camera

BTW, took lots of candid pictures during the event and some of the pictures really turn out nice.


The students

Vincent snapping pic using Sony alpha

Down the Stairs

Group pictures

Anyway, i heard that the media of SMKBM will be choosing it new crews based on a photo contest.
Theme - Portrait
Location - School

I hope some of the pic tat i posted will give some inspiration to u people and my little bro too!

Run, Stop



Half naked


Lastly, a picture of sunset plus candid pictures

Hope u people enjoyed the pictures. Do comment and Thanks for reading


shengfatt said...

smkbm? bukit mewah? haha where r u from?

Jeff Khoo said...

Helo shengfatt, I'm from seremban:)