Bukit Mewah Marching Competition

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Finally i have some spare time to update my blog. Snapped a lot of pictures today and these are some of the pictures choosen... there will be more to come.
Waking up early in the morning is really not fun but for the sake of photos... i force myself to wake up and go to this event.

Today i have see many different faces and team sprite and it was a gd day for me as well to relax from my hectic Uni life for something which i really love.

Upon reaching, i spotted this phenomena which the light rays goes tru the clouds and the scenery is jz too beautiful to resist to and i immediately take out my cam and start snapping

Taken from the highest floor which oversees the assembly area

Boy Scout from top view

Boys in Uniform

I shall name this "Untitle"

Candid shot - Commander shaving his unit mustache. LOL!

Principle in Uniform


Pandu Puteri with NS logo

Boys Scouts

This scout was sweating under the sun!

Cili Padi Commandor (he is jz Form1 or 2)

Their shoes is really well polish!


Overview of the Assembly while Kadet in action

The shadows

Panning of a Pandu Puteri

Pengakap Flag

Last but not least - The blue sky as backdrop!

I have many overdue photos which need posting... I hope i have the time to update more frequent here... Leave ur comments. Thanks


kenwooi said...

nice pics.. reminds me of the times i joined band marching competition during the school days =)

Jeff Khoo said...

Thanks again Ken!
It reminds me too... i miss my boots!