Earth Hour Continuation

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Helo people, how life going on? Well... my life is jz full of assignment and exams and weekend class... Oh my... Next week and the following week will be getting worst and worst. Actually this post is in my blog draft for like 2weeks but i jz dont have the time to update. Camera is sleeping everyday and i think i onli will start back my photography after this sem ends.

Earth hour was almost one month ago but i hope u people dont mind me posting this cause i dont have other happening event ady. Inform me if u guys have any ya.

Pyramid Lion Head with the moon in the sky

Moderate crowd

Some photographer snapping using low angle

Pledge Wall

Meerin who tag along with me and joseph for the event


The numbers of photographers tat night was really a lot

3 of us

last but not least picture of one of the performer

Let me thing wat else to post if i have the time. Enjoy ur weekend people. I will be home sweethome lazing around... Till den... BB


kenwooi said...

cool.. but it was like so long ago.. haha =P

Jeff Khoo said...

lol... yea Ken... Pai seh... was kinda busy.. haha