Ping Pong Madness

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Oh well, after whole week of class... Friday is the day which i look forward the most. Why? Cause i onli have one lecture tat day and the rest of the day is ping-pong... haha... how awesome is tat.
So this post is abt the training session 2days ago.

Brought my cam to Uni tat day and jz shoot at random stuff and was too bored while waiting for my turn to play.... So i decided to snap snap snap

"Muscle" - Thanks to my awesome pro fren Ian for this awesome picture!

One thing i realise is not easy to snap ping pong action in total still with my kit lens and a part because of the low lighting and super fast action. I have to boost my ISO to high and with the help of high shutter and flash for this pic to turn out.

Picture speaks a thousand words - It shows Ian determination and strength in his game, he really improved over a period of less den 2 years when he firstly picked up ping pong. His sweat shows his effort when he plays. Oh well, this picture have a very strong feeling and i love it very much!

Keh Bin in action

Panning shot of Ian running wide for his shots.


Michael Maze

Group Picture time....

Munthif and Qazi

Ian, Keh Bin and Munthif

Munthif - self claimed Armani Model

Coaching session by Keh bin, Munthif and Kaa seng...

Kean and me

Grey... Orange... Red

Thanks Munthif for this shot!

The Sohai Gang!

"Emo Kean" - I love the lighting in this shot!

Noob admiring the pros.. LOL

Eric the pro kia!

Last but not least... Let me introduce u people Sunway table tennis SMASH KING!

MR Keh Bin

Ok, frankly speaking... his movements is too fast for my cam to freeze his action... TOO ganas i shall say... but who say blur shots not nice? Or perhaps my skills sucks... haha

"Smash and Lady" - why lady? cause that lady in the background appear to be stun with his mighty smash. LOL


I hope u people enjoy the shots... Have a great day ahead:)

Shall we have a group photo of all the club members?